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We assist non-profit organisations to do what they do best by lifting the burden of seeking funding from their shoulders and allowing them to focus on their core business – making the world a better place.


Our corporate sector focus has two elements, namely catalysing greater impact for corporate social investment activities and helping businesses that are ready to go to scale prepare for investment.


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Finding your why

Some years ago, I was introduced to Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk titled How Great Leaders Inspire Action. For those of you who don’t know, Simon is a US-based business consultant. An unassuming fellow, with a pair of spectacles to rival Professor Trelawney’s, it would be...

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What we do

Our Services

Non-profit organisations

Resource Mobilisation

We provide a range of outsourced solutions to help non-profits achieve their fundraising goals. 

Strategy and Planning

We offer individualised planning and strategy sessions, focused on finding creative solutions.


Mentoring and Training

We train and mentor fundraisers – helping them achieve their potential and lead the drive for sustainability.



Corporate Social Investment

We assist corporates to partner with effective projects that maximise their CSI impact.

Investment Preparedness

We support companies as they begin to grow, ensuring that they are investment-ready. 

For detailed information about our comprehensive service offerings, please refer to our Services Page or book a discovery call with us.

What Drives Us

Our Why

The team at Words that Count removes the stress of seeking sustainable funding, by providing professional outsourced strategy, implementation, training and evaluation of funding efforts, allowing your organisation to focus on achieving its goals.

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09 July 2020 - Free volunteering webinar

Join Kelvin Glen from KhulumaSA and I for a deep-dive into the intricacies of hosting volunteers in your organisation. 

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